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Our Mission as dedicated musical talents of UNIVERSOUL is to gather, unite and collaborate cohesively  a great community of musical artist, entertainers and performers of the Twin Cities.  We know no boundaries as we inspirationally deliver the highest form of musical entertainment in the live arena of special events and celebrated occasions in a worldly cultural fashion.  It will be joyous and refreshing to all as our strategically formulated visual productions and projects grace the stage. UniverSoul truly embraces the idea that sharing, wholesomely and intentively the infinite creations of the universal language of music with like minded in individuals.  UniverSoul is aware that under patient mentorship that there is unlimited bounderies for each artist to manifest greatness.  We of this great spirited artistic collaboration will hold each other up high and soar on each other's wings as we collectively make sweet melodies to caress the soul, and visual delights to spice spirit of life.

A Family based, spiritually rooted performance group consisting of exceptional musicians, vocalist, teachers and mentors.  We are an entourage of artistic individuals with an extensive performance history of performing together on various musical platforms which include: local, national and international touring, studio recording for independent artists and record labels and jingles for advertising agencies.  Moreover, we're proud to gather for this exciting opportunity to be on the forefront of BELLAGALA'S new  event center A'Bulae.  This musical project has been carefully constructed from some of the most unique and successful projects to come out of the Twin Cities including "TKO" (The KAJ Orchestra) former House Band for Prince's Glam Slam Club in Minneapolis, "Original Best Kept Secret" a former Wednesday night house band for the Minnesota Music Cafe in St Paul, and "Soul Tight Committee" one the featured band of BELLAGALA and one of the most popular local bands working in and around the metro music scene.

Most importantly, UniverSoul is built around three of the most inspirational musical talents around" Kirk Johnson, musical director, drummer and ind child of "TKO" former drummer for Prince"s NPG, Kathleen Johnson, lead vocalist, and mind child of "BKS" and Soul Tight Committee, and Shayde, lead male vocalist of "BKS" and the award winning and corporate band "SYNERGY"  These members of "TKO", "BKS", "THE SOUL TIGHT COMMITTEE" gather together with years of musical knowledge, experience and professionalism to provide a diversity of events in need of refreshing, exciting, creative, wonderful LIVE MUSICALEXPERIENCES that will reflect the personal desire of each client's dream gala celebration. party or special event.