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Blac Vinyl Dream

Blac Vinyl Dream project featuring An Original Best Kept Secret member Kathleen Johnson.

This project features Kathleen Johnson Special features of various musicians and vocalists of “Raisingthebar, an Artist’s Loft”.  The music performance is the great and nostalgic music of the past, present and future that deserves to be on VINYL. Kathleen reaches back in her musical memory vault and brings to the stage the feel good music that is continuing to be heard all over the world. R & B, SOUL, BLUES, CLASSIC ROCK, JAZZ!

The mix of music is performed LIVE giving respect to the original artist that put it out for the world to enjoy. Many of the original artists have passed on.  It is our duty and honor to keep that music alive LIVE, well and enjoyed by many!

What is done has already been done…there is no need to re-write master pieces! Just need to be feed by the fruits of music!