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Mocha - Vocalist


“I was only 14 years old, so my Mother Bobbie, Aunt Lou and Uncle Walter had to accompany me to my first real gig.   It was a club in St Paul, Minneapolis known at the “Dirty Girty” My big number was Gladys Night and the Pips hit song “Neither One Of Us” I’ve been hooked ever since.”
Mocha can be best described as an expressive jazzy, rhythm & blues songstress with sweet, smoky tones. Mocha tends to swoop her notes and sings with a jazzy feel no matter what song she chooses in her extensive repertoire of soul, R & B, classic rock, blues, or her favorite musical genre “jazzy stuff.”
Mocha is an original member and co-founder of the popular Twin Cities based vocal group “BKS” along with sisters Kathleen Johnson, Karen Johnson, and Aunt Rhonda Johnson. She also is the self-appointed talent coordinator for “Raising the Bar” and is dedicated to providing other singers with great back-up vocals. Her mission is to mentor other artists on how to develop a holistic healthy lifestyle that will give longevity to a performing artist and vocal career.
Highlights of her career include recording and live performances of  the CD “Honest Pure and True” with Kathleen Johnson and Rhonda Johnson. Recording and performing her solo CD “Mocha Ya Ya Untaymed for LaVision Records. Working  as a personal assistant for “Prince” and performing at the “Prince” 2000 celebration at Paisley Park, The role of “Mama” in the play Chicago in San Antonio, Texas, and Most recent, performing  the “Rage” project featuring BKS, the music of Etta James.  Mocha is currently researching and studying the Jazz great Sarah Vaughan. This adventure is sure to take her on a great musical adventure around the globe.