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Kathleen Johnson - Vocalist

Kathleen Johnson of The Rage project, featuring BKS is the original vocalist of BEST KEPT SECRET and founder of MUSICIANS4MUSICIANS, co founder of “Raisingthebar, an Artist’s loft”,  has worked Live and in the studio with Prince, Billy McLaughlin, Keri Noble, Sam Moore, Jordin Sparks, Carmen Electra, Patty Peterson, Debbie Duncan, Gwen Matthews, Billy Holloman, Tevin Campbell, Alexander O’Neal, Lori Line, The Ladies of Jazz project, The Diva’s for Dads project, J.Most of the Command Steppers, Billy McLaughlin, Paul Peterson, Javeeta Steele.  And with many local projects such projects as Best Kept Secret, Soul Tight Committee, R Factor, Synergy, George Faber and The Icons, Brian Kenny, Who Nu, TC Jammers, TKO, and Druscilla Abernathy & The BKS Vine.  She has performed at countless Twin Cities music venues, special events, and generously contributes her message to numerous fundraisers and philanthropic events playing locally, nationally, or internationally on the stages of the most respected cabarets, clubs, and concert halls