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About Us

“Raisingthebar, an artist’s loft” was developed when drummer Mario Dawson came to vocalist Kathleen Johnson in the summer of 2009 wanting to have a “Jam Session”.  He asked for help in getting things going, so Kathleen went to work and found a venue and gathered up the vocalists of BKS.  Mario put together a band and off we went working on this project for several months.  A musical project, venue and stage was developed to offer vocalists, musicians, poets, a visual artist and anyone who had a voice and needed to express themselves artistically the avenue to develop their talent.  We give great big thanks to Ms. Arnellia of Arnellia’s in St. Paul for believing in us and giving us our first avenue to make this happen at her establishment!  A back up band of some of Minneapolis’s most talented musicians and vocalist come together UNPAID or for a fraction of what they are usually paid to in order to support this up and coming community of artists LIVE ON STAGE, who sooner than later had the opportunity to work with a LIVE REHEARSED BAND!  At the same time we as professionals have the opportunity to tap into our creativity and find that we have not lost it while working in other established bands around town that hardly ever rehearse and play the same songs over and over again yes for pay, but at the expense of creativity!  “RTB” continues to be an outlet in which to tap into our creative side, brush up on our professionalism and excitement about being a chosen creative artist!

Since then Mario continues to work separately with musicians and Kathleen workshops with the vocalists with “BKS”, coming together when we can doing special events. Kathleen decided that she will no longer lift her voice for money as the first reason to sing, but in order to help someone else…or it had better be a PAID blast!!  This “RTB” stage is meant to mentor and help artists young and old, seasoned and green to develop their craft while at the same time stimulating the venue, the audience and also benefiting someone else who may be in hardship or dealing with a medical set back.  The color of the room was painted so that each and every person, no matter what their reason for coming to the room feel a need to support the production, the venue, the artists and maybe even the community at the end of the day one way or another.  “RTB” is put in place to make people feel good about themselves and the life they have chosen to live!  Also designed to make them excited about a new plan when they wake up in the morning!  Our intention is to have a place for good people to come and meet, greet, eat, fellowship, promote, network together, support, feel their inner deep emotions, laugh, cry, get charged up, have a great time, and YES PARTY during these hard and trying times feeling almost like a thief in the night for all the healing that they received once they have left the room!  We want people to leave satisfied by a full belly and uplifted spirit extremely high from the healing that just happened very similar to that feeling after hearing a POWERFUL sermon!  Their evening of support was well worth the small fee they have just paid to enter!  “RAISINGTHERBAR, an artist’s loft” a time and place for us to LIFT UP a large community of all kinds of people and do good things for one another!